A good day in the creative department

Salas, Throne: “Spent some time perfecting what could become a new line of reptiles on planet Earth. Worked on details, e.g. water ingress prevention through the nostrils. This after Trito told me that this could be improved, noting with some satisfaction that his latest frog line had no such issues.”

– Niebla (© 2018)

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On finding oneself

“I’ve been finding myself for many years and keep discovering an elusive character.”

– Sri Shantibindo

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Jasmin - photo by J. Beilharz

I wish I could record
the fragrance of its flowers
and send it to everyone.

– Niebla (© 2018)

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So God said to Lucifer, “You will have to pretend to disobey me while you do exactly as I say.”
“And for all practical and theological purposes this meeting never took place.”
“I’m not comfortable with this, and you know it. But it is your will, and thy will be done, on earth, etc.”
“Good. Now that’s settled swear by God you won’t disclose this to anyone.”
“Sworn by you.”

– Niebla (© 2018)

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A variation of Murphy’s law

Anything that can get snagged will get snagged.

– Niebla (© 2018)

Based on empiric research.

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Far Eastern Teachings II

“I am extremely depressed these days,” the disciple said. “My girlfriend is now my former best friend’s girlfriend, and she took the cat with her as well. I have a degree in Social Sciences and a job frying hamburgers that barely pays the rent. When I come home at night, nothing’s waiting for me except a messy one-bedroom apartment. So I just have a couple of beers or three and conk out.”

“Your glass fill level needs adjusting,” the swami said, “everyone tends to see theirs as too empty. While people with a full glass would rather have a heap on it. That’s human nature for you.”

The disciple didn’t think that this advice would help him much. Even though he’d talked to people who greatly admired the swami and his wisdom, this platitude just wouldn’t do.

“My glass is quite empty, which ever way I look at it,” he said.

The swami closed his eyes, a smile lingering on his lips. After a while he opened his eyes again.

“You have been blessed with a glass that indeed might seem rather empty at this time. This is simply an opportunity. Go and fill it.”

– Niebla (© 2017)

From the forthcoming Encounters with Swami Vaporananda.

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Far Eastern Teachings I

You shall all have eternal life, like it or not.

– Swami Vaporananda

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