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Vaguely familiar

Ne ma stria, aún no ma: stitia hu, bahut melancholy, ne ma stria. – Niebla Note A fibonacci in what language? Several? None? The dadaists did this kind of sound stuff; mostly it was meant to sound funny, an effect … Continue reading

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An escapade

(An imagination) The weather was beautiful. On an impulse from the sun shining in through the window overlooking the river, Scardanelli decided to escape from his tower, as he had in the past, always followed by a little scolding, but … Continue reading

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Dimming Of The Day

This old house is falling down around my ears I’m drowning in a river of my tears When all my will is gone you hold me sway I need you at the dimming of the day You pull me like … Continue reading

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Life and sense

Some days like today life, my life appears to be devoid of sense. Even though I know that I’m supposed to advance, to gain experience. On days like this there is no love, love is buried. I am one big … Continue reading

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Constant fog

We are very much in constant fog. Sometimes this veil is lifted for a glimpse of sun. In such glimpses we get an inkling of our destination. Other than that we grope through fog. – Niebla Afterthought If we can … Continue reading

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El pájaro | this bird

El pá- jaro que no se cansa hasta que encienda esta noche This bird, tireless and tiresome, whose song will not cease until the night is set alight – Scardanelli (copyright 2007) Both Spanish and English follow fibonacci rules: 1/1/2/3/5/8 … Continue reading

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When the earth moves again

The J.A. in possibly the configuration (with Papa John Creach) in which they recorded 30 Seconds Over Winterland in the early 1970s. Is this Jefferson Airplane song simply an example of drug-induced hallucination or does it actually have a deeper … Continue reading

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Reaganomics & Jesus

Swiss medium Beatrice Brunner, in a book I started reading and then put away speedily, claimed to have information that Jesus had not been a simple carpenter but a master builder with a bunch of employees and plenty of dough, … Continue reading

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Beat the Retreat

The lyrics of one of Richard Thompson’s greatest songs have a mystic or sufi ring: Beat the Retreat I’m beating my retreat Back home to you I’m beating my retreat Back home to you I’m burning all my bridges I’m … Continue reading

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You say you love the sun

You say you love the sun but hide in the shade when it shines. You say you love the rain but open your umbrella every time it rains. You say you love the wind but close the window each time … Continue reading

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