A Trip to Ruby City

When we finally arrived in Ruby City, the ruby-red sunset was upon us. One of the citizens, steeped in the ruby-red light of the passing day, showed us the way to the Ruby Hotel, the only one in town.
We found out that same evening that everything edible and potable in Ruby City was ruby-red.
In fact, looking at each other, we discovered that both of us had turned ruby-red.
“What a ruby phenomenon!” you said.
(I knew that you’d intended to say “strange phenomenon,” but it turned to ruby on your tongue.)
“I’ll be rubygone,” I muttered to myself, knowing full well what I’d really intended to say.
Would we ever manage to leave this ruby world again?
I turned to you to ask you, but I’d forgotten your name.
“Ruby,” I said, “shall we go to ruby?”
“Yes,” you replied, “we need a good ruby’s ruby. It’s been a long ruby.”
That ruby I dreamed a ruby ruby, from which I remember only the ruby: “When in Ruby, do as the Rubes do.”

– Niebla ( © 2008 )

Written for Leonard Blumfeld’s Ruby Tuesday meme.

About niebla

I wish to remain clear of details. My words shall lift the veil.
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