… aisle, aisha
… bleat
… circuit, connection, communication, convention, convenience,
… door, distance
… enmity, effigy, evil, Easter
… foolishness, foolhardiness, fysh
… ghoul, ghastliness
… home, heaval, hope
… isle,
… jail, June

… lemur
… madness, mind, maturity
… neem
… opal
… preety
… quaint, quantum, query, queer
… rust, reunion
… store, stain, static
… weevil

This association thread was instigated by a call for contributions on the word “closed” at BlogFriday. It all evolved by association; initially from the first spark, which was to create a graphic in about the colors above, with “closed” in the center, then the desire to add some text by way of explanation, which idea then deviated to become a list of associated words (including some nonstandard spelling or words that don’t quite exist in the English language), some of which may or may not go with “closed” but might render suggestive combinations anyway.

– Niebla

About niebla

I wish to remain clear of details. My words shall lift the veil.
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