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I am on a different planet

I am on a different planet every day, and today’s planet is small – the horizon curves nearby, and I’m afraid I’ll fall off if I walk more than a mile. Five miles, and I’d be standing on my head. … Continue reading

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Eternal gearbox

The future of the planet is rewriting itself continually through trillions of forces acting on it – in or out of mesh and more or less in and out of sync – Niebla Written for Sunday Scribblings #108 – the … Continue reading

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Dead suburb

The brown houses up on the hill, tower-like, where the big families lived, still forbidding in detonated scowl, their will to ignore now relegated to un- inhabited rubble in ultimate irony – now they can no longer pretend, as they … Continue reading

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Poses at Hopi Point

“Stop!” I turned around. There was a girl in her late teens, a redhead with freckles, somewhat chubby, in blue shorts and a bright red t-shirt, who was looking at me. “Were you talking to me?” “I was. There’s nobody … Continue reading

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Guided towards the eye by breasts and roses

I walk across a spill of objects on bare chafed feet. I step on drum jugs and notice they’re breasts, but hard, their nipples like the flat ends of hazelnuts. A forest of wind-blown trees fades into greyness. Amidst the … Continue reading

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Body & Soul

Why deny this body its rights? It is this soul’s one and only and best container this time around. – Niebla A somewhat late response to “Body and/or Link” (Two for Tuesdays VIII).

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5 colors

Color moods for the day (like pulling tarot cards): Brown = what you have to work with Washed-out dark blue = weather mood Orange = the sun you’re longing for Blue with violet tinge = what you’d want your unknown love … Continue reading

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