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I am on a different planet

I am on a different planet every day, and today’s planet is small – the horizon curves nearby, and I’m afraid I’ll fall off if I walk more than a mile. Five miles, and I’d be standing on my head. … Continue reading

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Eternal gearbox

The future of the planet is rewriting itself continually through trillions of forces acting on it – in or out of mesh and more or less in and out of sync – Niebla Written for Sunday Scribblings #108 – the … Continue reading

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Dead suburb

The brown houses up on the hill, tower-like, where the big families lived, still forbidding in detonated scowl, their will to ignore now relegated to un- inhabited rubble in ultimate irony – now they can no longer pretend, as they … Continue reading

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Poses at Hopi Point

“Stop!” I turned around. There was a girl in her late teens, a redhead with freckles, somewhat chubby, in blue shorts and a bright red t-shirt, who was looking at me. “Were you talking to me?” “I was. There’s nobody … Continue reading

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Guided towards the eye by breasts and roses

I walk across a spill of objects on bare chafed feet. I step on drum jugs and notice they’re breasts, but hard, their nipples like the flat ends of hazelnuts. A forest of wind-blown trees fades into greyness. Amidst the … Continue reading

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Body & Soul

Why deny this body its rights? It is this soul’s one and only and best container this time around. – Niebla A somewhat late response to “Body and/or Link” (Two for Tuesdays VIII).

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5 colors

Color moods for the day (like pulling tarot cards): Brown = what you have to work with Washed-out dark blue = weather mood Orange = the sun you’re longing for Blue with violet tinge = what you’d want your unknown love … Continue reading

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Cherry in the yard

It’s a bright morning. The cool of spring is in the air, the cherry in the yard is in high crystal bloom (the white blossoms look like an explosion of flower crystals around the bare branches – Niebla

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Thanks to my American colleague and friend Christopher, my musical horizon has expanded greatly over the past year or so. I’ve come to know bands I’d never heard of before, such as Pearl Jam (I always think of ‘toe jam’ … Continue reading

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An interpretation

Harleen Mathur had a reputation as an outstanding albeit controversial onirologist. Among the chatterati of our city it was considered chic to see her. It had not been easy to get an appointment at short notice. She asked me to … Continue reading

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