Stranded two summers ago

Not my own take for One Single Impression, but Shawn Colvin’s – worlds colliding, worlds apart, a relationship two light years past…


Was it really two summers ago
Or was it outer space
We both had nowhere to go
In search of a state of grace
All in all we never had time
When we met each other we stopped
On a dime

Floating nowhere
Suspended in dreams
That we were side by side
We both had to see what it means
Whenever two worlds collide
All in all the pieces were scattered
A world so small that nothing else

Was it really two light years past
We left the atmosphere
We both had to catch our breath
Somewhere way down here
All in all and by and by
The tears for forgiveness
Will hang out to dry

– Written by Shawn Colvin

(from Steady On, 1989)

About niebla

I wish to remain clear of details. My words shall lift the veil.
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4 Responses to Stranded two summers ago

  1. meeyauw says:

    Hi Niebla: I am personally hoping that this love affair was able to gather the pieces of itself and re-ignite. After all, when two worlds collide, gravity captures the debris and creates a new body.

  2. meeyauw says:

    oops, sorry, I forgot a link (and my poem is sorta buried now):

  3. teric says:

    Very poignant words!

  4. pieceofpie says:

    truly beautiful post to the prompt…

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