Fearless, loving and free

A somewhat oblique take on ‘fearless’ at Sunday Scribblings.

Kiki Dee sings about a fearless act when she says ‘I will untangle myself, so that I can see’ … it would be so much easier to continue living in the blind security of being bound. So much easier than venturing ‘out of the shadow and into the sun’ …

I bought this album some time in the late 1970s on a whim because I liked the cover. Even though I do not listen to it a lot, it is one that I would never give away, and this song came up in my mind immediately as I was looking for associations with ‘fearless.’

Loving and Free

Bound, I am bound, like a knot on a string
Eager to be where my life can begin
Out of the shadow and into the sun
So many things that I should have done

I will untangle myself, so that I can see
I will untangle myself, everything will be
Loving and free

Bound I am bound, like a rope on a swing
Up in the air and then down again
Sure for the first time so clear in my mind
Wise to the feeling I gently unwind

Bound I am bound, ro remember your smile
Something so special doesn’t fade away
Sadness is sweet when you’ve gone for a while
When I see you there’ll be a lot to say

Kiki Dee

(from Loving and Free, 1973)


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One Response to Fearless, loving and free

  1. AuraGem says:

    This is a great choice of song. I agree, that being bound has a sense of security. Breaking free does involve an elelment of daring.


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