Thanks to my American colleague and friend Christopher, my musical horizon has expanded greatly over the past year or so. I’ve come to know bands I’d never heard of before, such as Pearl Jam (I always think of ‘toe jam’ first), Alice in Chains and, an oddball combo from Catalonia, L’ham de foc.

Believe it or not: we do concentrated work while listening to music. The music Chris chooses from the massive archive on his PC depends on the time of day, his mood and other factors I haven’t quite figured out. In breaks between work, we talk a lot about music.

Late Friday afternoons used to be Kurt Cobain unplugged – Chris was overcome by the wildness of the impending weekend and freedom, I believe. I had a hard time working to that, finding it quite grating. While Robert, the very British Argentinian, still worked with us, Friday afternoon always was dedicated to the crazy oriental / Spanish / medieval mixture of L’ham de foc.

Video shows L’ham de foc in concert, performing “Somniava”

Sometimes we have live music in the office in the evenings – when Luca, our excellent Italian colleague, comes to practice with Chris. They even bring an amp to plug in their guitars. Luca is quite a virtuoso and can play anything from Pat Metheny to Jimi Hendrix. (You’d think Jimi had risen from the grave and was playing right next to you.)

Not fiction, but pure fact about music, and so perhaps not quite what Café Writing had in mind. But, as I said, all true.


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