I am on a different planet

I am on a different planet every day,
and today’s planet is small – the horizon
curves nearby, and I’m afraid I’ll fall off
if I walk more than a mile. Five miles,
and I’d be standing on my head.

This planet is blue and patterned, as if
somebody had traced curves in the sand
on a beach. It is a pleasant, grainy,
sandy blue. I am barefoot. The blue
sand feels good under me. I’ve tentatively

walked and noticed that the sand gives
way but that the patterns reassemble
after me. There is a breathing under me
as well, as if the blue planet were alive.
I’ve dug in the sand to see what’s under-

neath – there’s more sand, and it’s
cooler. I’ve eaten some sand; it tastes
like margarita mix and quenches both
hunger and thirst. I should not eat too
much of it, though, because this planet

has no toilet. But then, on the other
hand, who would notice if I went
right in the sand? I am the only being
here, not counting the planet itself.
Who just told me, clearly and audibly

in my mind: You’re not alone!
I’m here for you. A lot of good
that does me, I thought, out here
in space, with not another planet
within hitchhiking distance. Again

the planet spoke: I am but an
instance, and a small one. I will
vanish, and you with me, but we
will take form again, you’ll see.
So do not worry – we’re just

a droplet of time. Patience!
Before I knew it I was back
from Planet Blue and knew
it all had been a dream. To be
lived through again in some

form – again and again.

– Niebla ( © 2008 )

Inspired by the above photo posted for the lesson/lessen and/or streak prompt by Two for Tuesdays. So where’s the lesson? Where’s the streak? Hidden somewhere on Planet Blue, I imagine.

About niebla

I wish to remain clear of details. My words shall lift the veil.
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2 Responses to I am on a different planet

  1. paisley says:

    although i safeguard my loneliness as if it were my only treasure,,, i do not think i would enjoy knowing i was alone,, with just the voices in my head for company….

    very clever write… i like how you incorporated the photo….

  2. Raven says:

    This is lovely. I like the way you write. You have a real gift.

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