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Cherry in the yard

It’s a bright morning. The cool of spring is in the air, the cherry in the yard is in high crystal bloom (the white blossoms look like an explosion of flower crystals around the bare branches – Niebla

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Thanks to my American colleague and friend Christopher, my musical horizon has expanded greatly over the past year or so. I’ve come to know bands I’d never heard of before, such as Pearl Jam (I always think of ‘toe jam’ … Continue reading

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An interpretation

Harleen Mathur had a reputation as an outstanding albeit controversial onirologist. Among the chatterati of our city it was considered chic to see her. It had not been easy to get an appointment at short notice. She asked me to … Continue reading

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Odin’s gifts

Odin on his horse Sleipnir Born into this land of rolling hills, not grand but forested, with the breath and mystery of birch, beech and pine, the rattle of industry in one ear, the whisper of Odin in the other … Continue reading

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Fearless, loving and free

A somewhat oblique take on ‘fearless’ at Sunday Scribblings. Kiki Dee sings about a fearless act when she says ‘I will untangle myself, so that I can see’ … it would be so much easier to continue living in the … Continue reading

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Dramatic relationship

It’s funny (or not?) that I remember the drama of our relationship above all. Looking back, I must say that I experienced it mostly as theatre on your part – you were always playing one role or another, and I’m … Continue reading

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Ms. Literate speaks

So I said to Herbert Mulroney, my prosperous suitor who is so full of himself: Of course I decline eternal possession of your brag, and you may wander off temperately. And please spare me a rough good-bye. – Niebla ( … Continue reading

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