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What to do

“What to do with this blurred illegal match?” he thought amidst the hustle and bustle of his recurrent marketplace dream. He found himself – all at once – angry at having been put here, frustrated at not knowing why, intimidated … Continue reading

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The brown flow of the Wye would seem incapable of reflection but there are upside down houses in it just the same – Niebla I’m currently in Hereford, England, and saw this half an hour ago. For One Single Impression.

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A look into the past

Whimsy for Inspire Me Thursday. Digital photography.

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Hermetic relationships

delayed    <=>    dandelion edge    <=>    hedge focus    <=>    crocus 3WW LXXXVII words on the left, their relatives in the abstract/plant universe on the right. – Niebla

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Calf in the astral world

The moolet among the layered striations of many colors is slightly dazed. Its ears twitch, the occasional head shake helps. But it is firmly planted in all this superior mess, ready to weather things on sturdy knobby legs. – Niebla … Continue reading

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Wild rose and tame rose

A wild rose and a tame rose. Picture taken last Sunday in the neighborhood. Wordless Wednesday

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More unstable than atoms

The air I’m breathing is something else The ground I’m walking on is something else The time I’m going through is something else The love I feel is something else All of these are forms, all an approach to one … Continue reading

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