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Vision of a certain being, sometimes insupportably human

Velvety, morbidly insane, splashy and crashy and violently inane, ornery, rambunctious and decidedly not urbane ◊ – Niebla ( © 2008 ) Vision poem for Sunday Scribblings.

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My kind of girl

A not so nice story “You’re my kind of girl,” Malcolm said, “you got the job. Starting tomorrow, OK? I’ll axe the other one tonight. We’ll have loads of fun working together, I can promise you that.” “You won’t regret … Continue reading

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A dream of fire and air

I was blue in my dream, like an Indian god, but my headdress was Mayan, and I was kissing a reluctant sun whose serrations were cutting into me. Treacherous heavenly body! I, come out of brown clay, was burning, my … Continue reading

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Selective light

Selective light – crows in Kensington Gardens merged with a sky photo to render this effect for Inspire Me Thursday’s Find the art in the everyday topic.

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A night

We walked much of the night, with the moon providing light. We were lucky that it was this bright and that white birch trunks shone. We walked along the railroad tracks all through the resounding night, and there’s hardly a … Continue reading

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Lancelot has heavy remembrance to wipe off his brow

In the morning what had been a future that held such admirable beauty had become a thicket of nerves, and nowhere in him would the women rescue what had been aroused in men’s dream. – Niebla ( © 2008 ) … Continue reading

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