The moon is a harsh mistress

Here I am glancing at her –
big pale cratered ball
in immense cold dark blue –
and, just like coyote howling,
elicit no response.

– Niebla

For “Moon” at Inspire Me Thursday.

Author’s note
For some inexplicable reason, I’d thought that “The moon is a harsh mistress” was the title of or a line from a poem by somebody like Thomas Carew or Andrew Marvell. Well, this is definitely not so – it is the title of a science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein.


About niebla

I wish to remain clear of details. My words shall lift the veil.
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1 Response to The moon is a harsh mistress

  1. I enjoyed the poem and also the author’s note, I would have thought the same as you did

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