A gift

For her

“Here, take this comb in token of –”

“In token of what? Your certain uncertain feelings for me?”

“Come on, don’t complicate things. Get over it. I told you there never was a chance.”

“It might be poisoned.”


“The comb might be poisoned, like in the fairy tale.”

“And I’m your evil stepmother, right?”

She threw it down on the floor and stomped off with a disgusted shake of her long black mane.

I was nearly proud of myself. I had finally elicited some kind of strong emotion from her – even though it was a useless one and, most likely, was going to be very momentary.

– Niebla

Written for One Single Impression and ‘comb’.


About niebla

I wish to remain clear of details. My words shall lift the veil.
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