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About the weather

I much would prefer the sun to sizzle to today’s grey dreary drizzle. – Niebla (© 2011) So much on the topic of ‘sizzle’ at Writer’s Island.

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Various events

Gotta be yourself Be more like I tell you – Joan Armatrading For Anita These eyes have seen too much again today, they plain hurt. These fingers have hit too many keys today, that is another fact. I talked to … Continue reading

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Slightly irreverent

It’s San Fran with two birds in stone hand and none in the bush. – Niebla (© 2011) Inspired by the above picture at Magpie Tales (Mag 65). Simply could not resist playing around with the proverb.

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Sunny Saturday in May

What could be more irritating than the nasty violence of a chain saw shredding a perfect day like this? – Niebla (© 2011) Razor edge of time poetic seasonal reporting for Writer’s Island.

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Piece of …

Hey, it’s a piece of cake – you get the right ingredients, mix them up as written down, shove the thing in the oven and let it brown. It’s a piece of cake … – Niebla (© 2011) Written for … Continue reading

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