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I thought of a poem

Will have to write it down. – Niebla (2015)

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A calvary variation

A calvary variation, by Johannes Beilharz Digitally modified version of a photo taken near Divino Amore, Lazio, Italy.

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Heavy sky

Photo by Johannes Beilharz, 2012

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One word

… a perfect illustration of the blur of time – evanescence, transience, eradication. Continue reading

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I have a terrible face, even a cruel one. I’m scarred and disfigured. I seem to have had a few harelip and other operations too many. And the crown of my adornments might be misleading, my forceful symbols misread, my … Continue reading

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A dream of fire and air

I was blue in my dream, like an Indian god, but my headdress was Mayan, and I was kissing a reluctant sun whose serrations were cutting into me. Treacherous heavenly body! I, come out of brown clay, was burning, my … Continue reading

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Selective light

Selective light – crows in Kensington Gardens merged with a sky photo to render this effect for Inspire Me Thursday’s Find the art in the everyday topic.

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