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I thought of a poem

Will have to write it down. – Niebla (2015)

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A calvary variation

A calvary variation, by Johannes Beilharz Digitally modified version of a photo taken near Divino Amore, Lazio, Italy.

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Heavy sky

Photo by Johannes Beilharz, 2012

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One word

… a perfect illustration of the blur of time – evanescence, transience, eradication. Continue reading

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I have a terrible face, even a cruel one. I’m scarred and disfigured. I seem to have had a few harelip and other operations too many. And the crown of my adornments might be misleading, my forceful symbols misread, my … Continue reading

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A dream of fire and air

I was blue in my dream, like an Indian god, but my headdress was Mayan, and I was kissing a reluctant sun whose serrations were cutting into me. Treacherous heavenly body! I, come out of brown clay, was burning, my … Continue reading

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Selective light

Selective light – crows in Kensington Gardens merged with a sky photo to render this effect for Inspire Me Thursday’s Find the art in the everyday topic.

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A look into the past

Whimsy for Inspire Me Thursday. Digital photography.

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Calf in the astral world

The moolet among the layered striations of many colors is slightly dazed. Its ears twitch, the occasional head shake helps. But it is firmly planted in all this superior mess, ready to weather things on sturdy knobby legs. – Niebla … Continue reading

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A door

Not the da Vinci original but a copy from the protestant church in Haigerloch, southern Germany. The person to the left of Christ is clearly a woman. This painting is older than Dan Brown’s The da Vinci code but would … Continue reading

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