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Two creators in conversation

Alephael and Belarael ran into each other in a celestial hallway. Belarael waved and was about to simply walk on, when Alephael took him by the sleeve. “I just created a new fruit on Earth!”“Congratulations, Aleph! You certainly keep busy.”“I’m … Continue reading

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And the Lord spoke

“Let there be a Big Bang” (So now we know that both the Bible and Science are right)

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So God said to Lucifer, “You will have to pretend to disobey me while you do exactly as I say.” “Ok.” “And for all practical and theological purposes this meeting never took place.” “I’m not comfortable with this, and you … Continue reading

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Frank Sinatra quotes from Sermon on the Mount

Well, I believe that God knows what each of us wants and needs. It’s not necessary for us to make it to church on Sunday to reach Him. You can find Him anyplace. And if that sounds heretical, my source … Continue reading

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A calvary variation

A calvary variation, by Johannes Beilharz Digitally modified version of a photo taken near Divino Amore, Lazio, Italy.

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Somewhere there’s got to be an end to it, this Allah says and this Jehovah says and this scripture says and therefore I am right and you are wrong and I eat the right things and you eat the wrong … Continue reading

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Latter-day variant of an older story

“Can I tempt you with an apple?” Eve said to Eve in the devastated forest, in which neither Adam nor the snake had survived. This was their last apple, and neither knew what tomorrow would bring. – Niebla ( © … Continue reading

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When the earth moves again

The J.A. in possibly the configuration (with Papa John Creach) in which they recorded 30 Seconds Over Winterland in the early 1970s. Is this Jefferson Airplane song simply an example of drug-induced hallucination or does it actually have a deeper … Continue reading

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Reaganomics & Jesus

Swiss medium Beatrice Brunner, in a book I started reading and then put away speedily, claimed to have information that Jesus had not been a simple carpenter but a master builder with a bunch of employees and plenty of dough, … Continue reading

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Galactic hogwash

Nearly One Galactic Year ago, 26,000 years, was the Golden Age of the Empire of the Sun, when humanity lived in peace, love, harmony and prosperity beyond anything we can imagine in these 1990’s. Quote from Lemurian Paradise This is … Continue reading

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