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Far Eastern Teachings II

“I am extremely depressed these days,” the disciple said. “My girlfriend is now my former best friend’s girlfriend, and she took the cat with her as well. I have a degree in Social Sciences and a job frying hamburgers that … Continue reading

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The tip of the anthill

(thinking of Srebrenica and two late 20th century monsters – Karadžić and Mladić) The worst are always at the tip but the tip is nothing without the masses below the faithful and fanatic executioners reaching down into the ugly subterranean subconscious … Continue reading

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Somewhere there’s got to be an end to it, this Allah says and this Jehovah says and this scripture says and therefore I am right and you are wrong and I eat the right things and you eat the wrong … Continue reading

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A letter with the letter L

Not a single tear was for naught /
None of your love was for naught Continue reading

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The one

… passionate ending to / many long dark nights. Continue reading

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Hell hath no fury

… that I was never her type, that she’s regretted getting married to me every single day since the wedding, that we have nothing in common and that she had a more intimate relationship with my friend Bud. Continue reading

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Practical and heart / Don’t rhyme Continue reading

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