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Two creators in conversation

Alephael and Belarael ran into each other in a celestial hallway. Belarael waved and was about to simply walk on, when Alephael took him by the sleeve. “I just created a new fruit on Earth!”“Congratulations, Aleph! You certainly keep busy.”“I’m … Continue reading

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Said one of the creators: “Let’s try something really simple.” The other creator: “What do you mean?” Number one: “Like without arms, legs or wings.” Number two: “But how would that move?” Number one: “You’ll see.” (Works his magic.) Number … Continue reading

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So God said to Lucifer, “You will have to pretend to disobey me while you do exactly as I say.” “Ok.” “And for all practical and theological purposes this meeting never took place.” “I’m not comfortable with this, and you … Continue reading

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Wild rose and tame rose

A wild rose and a tame rose. Picture taken last Sunday in the neighborhood. Wordless Wednesday

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Far from Darfur

“If we were in Darfur, you would not be having this margarita, your spring fever would die quickly in the merciless sun, and that lace –” “This lacy thing of yours?” “This tiny lacy thing of mine you have your … Continue reading

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Guided towards the eye by breasts and roses

I walk across a spill of objects on bare chafed feet. I step on drum jugs and notice they’re breasts, but hard, their nipples like the flat ends of hazelnuts. A forest of wind-blown trees fades into greyness. Amidst the … Continue reading

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Thank you, unknown visitors, for 999 visits! In celebration of which a dada poem derived from reflected and unreflected sources and eclectic syntactic influences: Tandaraday Death – do not despair* Eden ith nair – Tandaraday – Where we lay In … Continue reading

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Diet and Heaven

You can’t eat yourself into Heaven. While cooking together, my friend Mareike and I were talking about various diets and eating habits today. I told her about one particularly healthy sanitarium where you don’t get anything to drink with your … Continue reading

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Galactic hogwash

Nearly One Galactic Year ago, 26,000 years, was the Golden Age of the Empire of the Sun, when humanity lived in peace, love, harmony and prosperity beyond anything we can imagine in these 1990’s. Quote from Lemurian Paradise This is … Continue reading

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