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In lieu of you

For you You’re not with me – a passionate pizza will have to do Batter kneaded with love and affection, flung in the air with lofty ease Tomato, not called paradise fruit without a reason in certain parts Artichokes a-plenty … Continue reading

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Colorado River Valley Humingbird Recall

Tiny whirr as they were … Continue reading

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For her

I’m happy that today’s
not been eventful … Continue reading

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I am on a different planet

I am on a different planet every day, and today’s planet is small – the horizon curves nearby, and I’m afraid I’ll fall off if I walk more than a mile. Five miles, and I’d be standing on my head. … Continue reading

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A Trip to Ruby City

When we finally arrived in Ruby City, the ruby-red sunset was upon us. One of the citizens, steeped in the ruby-red light of the passing day, showed us the way to the Ruby Hotel, the only one in town. We … Continue reading

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Barefoot, with child

She used to light up the bakery with her friendliness and spunk, and people were happy to buy her rolls and crescents. Her child was with her parents while she was at work, and she let her car-crazy husband be, … Continue reading

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Diet and Heaven

You can’t eat yourself into Heaven. While cooking together, my friend Mareike and I were talking about various diets and eating habits today. I told her about one particularly healthy sanitarium where you don’t get anything to drink with your … Continue reading

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