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Alexander Lernet-Holenia, from Mars in Aries

A quote from the novel Mars in Aries by Alexander Lernet-Holenia (Austria, 1897-1976): He did not have the impression of losing consciousness; but rather, before he came around again, he dreamed for a while, and the dream continued exactly where … Continue reading

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And the Lord spoke

“Let there be a Big Bang” (So now we know that both the Bible and Science are right)

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So God said to Lucifer, “You will have to pretend to disobey me while you do exactly as I say.” “Ok.” “And for all practical and theological purposes this meeting never took place.” “I’m not comfortable with this, and you … Continue reading

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You may not like some of the moves

God is the greatest chess master of them all. He plays for all parties. The chessboard is the universe, the figures are zillions and every move is precisely precalculated using all the variables. – Niebla (© 2015)

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Frank Sinatra quotes from Sermon on the Mount

Well, I believe that God knows what each of us wants and needs. It’s not necessary for us to make it to church on Sunday to reach Him. You can find Him anyplace. And if that sounds heretical, my source … Continue reading

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Somewhere there’s got to be an end to it, this Allah says and this Jehovah says and this scripture says and therefore I am right and you are wrong and I eat the right things and you eat the wrong … Continue reading

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Hell hath no fury

… that I was never her type, that she’s regretted getting married to me every single day since the wedding, that we have nothing in common and that she had a more intimate relationship with my friend Bud. Continue reading

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You are so far away now

My mind is turned away, / it won’t allow you to enter Continue reading

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I have a terrible face, even a cruel one. I’m scarred and disfigured. I seem to have had a few harelip and other operations too many. And the crown of my adornments might be misleading, my forceful symbols misread, my … Continue reading

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A dream of fire and air

I was blue in my dream, like an Indian god, but my headdress was Mayan, and I was kissing a reluctant sun whose serrations were cutting into me. Treacherous heavenly body! I, come out of brown clay, was burning, my … Continue reading

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