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And the Lord spoke

“Let there be a Big Bang” (So now we know that both the Bible and Science are right)

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You are the call and the answer

“You look pathetic with your fangs half-bared, preparing to moan. I get your drift anytime.”“Pathetic is not in my vocabulary. Self-image is not in my vocabulary. When I see myself in the mirror, I think it’s some other cat.”Sometimes I … Continue reading

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A good day in the creative department

Salas, Throne: “Spent some time perfecting what could become a new line of reptiles on planet Earth. Worked on details, e.g. water ingress prevention through the nostrils. This after Trito told me that this could be improved, noting with some … Continue reading

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Fate can be turned around

Romeo arrived on time So did Giulia Lives were saved & They lived happily Ever after & The relatives were told To go to hell – Niebla (© 2016) Author’s note I’ve always preferred comedy to tragedy, including Shakespeare.  So … Continue reading

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Alba is so beautiful, sounds so beautiful and says it all. – Niebla Note Alba in this case is not a beautiful woman (like Jessica Alba), but came about as a result of having to translate the Spanish word alba … Continue reading

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Dream #034

And now I stare across the dirty river And I breathe the dirty air And I’m sure upon the bridge I’ll see you ‘Cos I dreamt I’d kiss you there – Tanita Tikaram It’s one of those sepia dreams, one … Continue reading

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Sky blue haiku

It feels like bright shiny blue has come to drive all blues away. – Niebla (© 2012) Written and posted for Haiku Heights and Blue.

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Slightly irreverent

It’s San Fran with two birds in stone hand and none in the bush. – Niebla (© 2011) Inspired by the above picture at Magpie Tales (Mag 65). Simply could not resist playing around with the proverb.

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Apprentice troubles

Oh my toe! Only one-eyed – trying to sorcer one of five or six. –Niebla ( © 2010 ) Note on genesis of this haiku ditty The topic at One Single Impression was “apprentice,” and the poem given as an … Continue reading

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An oyster for my love

Fry me an oyster, she said – and I did what she said Fried her a fragilistic, rampantagious oyster, and it was the right thing, because she loved it tremoritically! – Niebla (© 2010) Played around a little bit with … Continue reading

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