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Many years ago

For N. B. I played you my newly burnt CD with Kanika Banerjee songs You said She sounds like a dying goat and laughed and laughed – Niebla (© 2019) NoteKanika Banerjee (1924 – 2000) was an Indian Rabindra Sangeet … Continue reading

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Fate can be turned around

Romeo arrived on time So did Giulia Lives were saved & They lived happily Ever after & The relatives were told To go to hell – Niebla (© 2016) Author’s note I’ve always preferred comedy to tragedy, including Shakespeare.  So … Continue reading

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Dream #034

And now I stare across the dirty river And I breathe the dirty air And I’m sure upon the bridge I’ll see you ‘Cos I dreamt I’d kiss you there – Tanita Tikaram It’s one of those sepia dreams, one … Continue reading

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Rainy spring day haiku

For S. Why do you straighten them? I’d love to drown in them – the waves of your hair. – Niebla (© 2012) Posted for Haiku Heights and waves.

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Various events

Gotta be yourself Be more like I tell you – Joan Armatrading For Anita These eyes have seen too much again today, they plain hurt. These fingers have hit too many keys today, that is another fact. I talked to … Continue reading

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In lieu of you

For you You’re not with me – a passionate pizza will have to do Batter kneaded with love and affection, flung in the air with lofty ease Tomato, not called paradise fruit without a reason in certain parts Artichokes a-plenty … Continue reading

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To the Prince of the Grail …

and other love poems by German Jewish poet Else Lasker-Schüler (1869-1945). This English translation by Johannes Beilharz was just published in the latest issue of The Drunken Boat.

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A gift

For her “Here, take this comb in token of –” “In token of what? Your certain uncertain feelings for me?” “Come on, don’t complicate things. Get over it. I told you there never was a chance.” “It might be poisoned.” … Continue reading

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An oyster for my love

Fry me an oyster, she said – and I did what she said Fried her a fragilistic, rampantagious oyster, and it was the right thing, because she loved it tremoritically! – Niebla (© 2010) Played around a little bit with … Continue reading

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To them out there …

To those gloating outside her cell, it looked like she had accepted her cruel fate, eyes demurely downcast and all. They did not know about those lumpy things on the tray, and that very special liquid in the jug. Lancelot … Continue reading

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