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Two creators in conversation

Alephael and Belarael ran into each other in a celestial hallway. Belarael waved and was about to simply walk on, when Alephael took him by the sleeve. “I just created a new fruit on Earth!”“Congratulations, Aleph! You certainly keep busy.”“I’m … Continue reading

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Bottlebrush etymology

I wonder what bottlebrush was called before there were bottles and brushes. – Niebla Latin name: callistemon. This plant is native to Australia.

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Dream #034

And now I stare across the dirty river And I breathe the dirty air And I’m sure upon the bridge I’ll see you ‘Cos I dreamt I’d kiss you there – Tanita Tikaram It’s one of those sepia dreams, one … Continue reading

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To them out there …

To those gloating outside her cell, it looked like she had accepted her cruel fate, eyes demurely downcast and all. They did not know about those lumpy things on the tray, and that very special liquid in the jug. Lancelot … Continue reading

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In our end is our beginning

… and nothing ever did begin. Continue reading

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3 words

“Rock’n roll for world, jazz for a small club, a folk song for dance, make that for me.” Continue reading

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A letter with the letter L

Not a single tear was for naught /
None of your love was for naught Continue reading

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Trembling Pines

Never again did our hearts tremble … Continue reading

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Three conditional lines for Liz

Had you been around … for another timid knock on the door of karma & fate Continue reading

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I am that flower,
that leaf, that root, that sky,
that sun, that fire, that air Continue reading

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