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Far Eastern Teachings I

You shall all have eternal life, like it or not. – Swami Vaporananda Advertisements

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“So you believe in reincarnation? – What if you’re wrong?” “It won’t matter. I’ll only find out when I’m dead.” – Niebla

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You exist

You exist Your place is where eyes look at you. Where eyes meet you come into being. Held by a call, always the same voice, everyone appears to be calling in one voice. You could fall, but you won’t. Eyes … Continue reading

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You may not like some of the moves

God is the greatest chess master of them all. He plays for all parties. The chessboard is the universe, the figures are zillions and every move is precisely precalculated using all the variables. – Niebla (© 2015)

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A calvary variation

A calvary variation, by Johannes Beilharz Digitally modified version of a photo taken near Divino Amore, Lazio, Italy.

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The one

… passionate ending to / many long dark nights. Continue reading

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Heart murmur

Here in the darkness – Continue reading

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