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Happy earth day

Not much good recent news for Mother Earth, I’m afraid. In particular, she’s getting impregnated with shells, mines and dead bodies in Ukraine, and the rest is no better: deforestation, CO2, plastic all over, toxic waste. Thank God some people … Continue reading

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Bottlebrush etymology

I wonder what bottlebrush was called before there were bottles and brushes. – Niebla Latin name: callistemon. This plant is native to Australia.

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Said one of the creators: “Let’s try something really simple.” The other creator: “What do you mean?” Number one: “Like without arms, legs or wings.” Number two: “But how would that move?” Number one: “You’ll see.” (Works his magic.) Number … Continue reading

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You are the call and the answer

“You look pathetic with your fangs half-bared, preparing to moan. I get your drift anytime.”“Pathetic is not in my vocabulary. Self-image is not in my vocabulary. When I see myself in the mirror, I think it’s some other cat.”Sometimes I … Continue reading

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I wish I could record the fragrance of its flowers and send it to everyone. – Niebla (© 2018)

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A calvary variation

A calvary variation, by Johannes Beilharz Digitally modified version of a photo taken near Divino Amore, Lazio, Italy.

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Perfect balance

Olive tree, Villa Adriana, Tivoli, Italy Photo by Johannes Beilharz

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The primeval haiku

What did you do to- day, my dear man? I hunted and gathered, what else! – Niebla (© 2013) So much for a healthy lifestyle and ‘health’ at Haiku Heights.

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Heavy sky

Photo by Johannes Beilharz, 2012

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Sunny Saturday in May

What could be more irritating than the nasty violence of a chain saw shredding a perfect day like this? – Niebla (© 2011) Razor edge of time poetic seasonal reporting for Writer’s Island.

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