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If it’s not religion …

“If it’s not religion, they find other reasons – social status, envy, greed, skin color, dress code or dietary habits – to discriminate against each other, kill each other and make war. That’s human nature for you. We are programmed … Continue reading

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On finding oneself

“I’ve been finding myself for many years and keep discovering an elusive character.” – Sri Shantibindo

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The feline condition

I’ve got a collar around my neck and I’m supposed to like it if someone pets me. – Niebla (© 2017)

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My precarious existence

I’m relying entirely on the fact that my computer remembers all my various passwords. – Niebla (© 2016)

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Various events

Gotta be yourself Be more like I tell you – Joan Armatrading These eyes have seen too much again today, they plain hurt. These fingers have hit too many keys today, that is another fact. I talked to you tonight, … Continue reading

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Two female moods

Moira … ah ecstasy, deep concentration, a love of quiet Nature, but also kundalini fire erupting She took me to an ashram on Bali – growing distance for three days as she immersed herself in guru’s teaching, then immersed herself … Continue reading

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Diet and Heaven

You can’t eat yourself into Heaven. While cooking together, my friend Mareike and I were talking about various diets and eating habits today. I told her about one particularly healthy sanitarium where you don’t get anything to drink with your … Continue reading

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Reaganomics & Jesus

Swiss medium Beatrice Brunner, in a book I started reading and then put away speedily, claimed to have information that Jesus had not been a simple carpenter but a master builder with a bunch of employees and plenty of dough, … Continue reading

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