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And the Lord spoke

“Let there be a Big Bang” (So now we know that both the Bible and Science are right)

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Dream #034

And now I stare across the dirty river And I breathe the dirty air And I’m sure upon the bridge I’ll see you ‘Cos I dreamt I’d kiss you there – Tanita Tikaram It’s one of those sepia dreams, one … Continue reading

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Apprentice troubles

Oh my toe! Only one-eyed – trying to sorcer one of five or six. –Niebla ( © 2010 ) Note on genesis of this haiku ditty The topic at One Single Impression was “apprentice,” and the poem given as an … Continue reading

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3 words

“Rock’n roll for world, jazz for a small club, a folk song for dance, make that for me.” Continue reading

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Jeweled letter

That paper, with all its implications and warm brown patina, possesses nothing real to the touch, even though to the soul it appears to be essential furniture in a real landscape. But perhaps it is a mere museum of stuffed … Continue reading

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Latter-day variant of an older story

“Can I tempt you with an apple?” Eve said to Eve in the devastated forest, in which neither Adam nor the snake had survived. This was their last apple, and neither knew what tomorrow would bring. – Niebla ( © … Continue reading

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What to do

“What to do with this blurred illegal match?” he thought amidst the hustle and bustle of his recurrent marketplace dream. He found himself – all at once – angry at having been put here, frustrated at not knowing why, intimidated … Continue reading

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Hermetic relationships

delayed    <=>    dandelion edge    <=>    hedge focus    <=>    crocus 3WW LXXXVII words on the left, their relatives in the abstract/plant universe on the right. – Niebla

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Calf in the astral world

The moolet among the layered striations of many colors is slightly dazed. Its ears twitch, the occasional head shake helps. But it is firmly planted in all this superior mess, ready to weather things on sturdy knobby legs. – Niebla … Continue reading

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Sky and earth

Cloudy ember sky One-lined highway salamander stretching into it – Niebla This was written in response to a 3WW contribution with a stunning American highway and sky photograph at Piece of Pie.

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