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You may not like some of the moves

God is the greatest chess master of them all. He plays for all parties. The chessboard is the universe, the figures are zillions and every move is precisely precalculated using all the variables. – Niebla (© 2015)

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Somewhere there’s got to be an end to it, this Allah says and this Jehovah says and this scripture says and therefore I am right and you are wrong and I eat the right things and you eat the wrong … Continue reading

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A different kind of communication

I’m going to let Buffy Sainte-Marie speak on the topic of telephone – because this song is what came to my mind first when I read Sunday Scribblings‘ invitation … Moonshot Off into outer space you go my friends we … Continue reading

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Who we are

Ours is yours and mine, and we are numberless and individual and timeless. – Niebla (© 2008)

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From Kabir’s mystic songs

I do not know what manner of God is mine. The Mullah cries aloud to Him: and why? Is your Lord deaf? The subtle anklets that ring on the feet of an insect when it moves are heard of Him. … Continue reading

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It is all one

Whatever we do, whether we sing, write, dance, plant, slice vegetables, bake, cook, it is all one. There is no need to kneel on a carpet, no need to enter a church or temple. It is all one. But it … Continue reading

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