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The maiden and the moon

the coming of which / Marian had languished for Continue reading

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A wish essential for survival

To keep the glimmer of passion alive while the sordid breath of disillusionment keeps passion subdued – Niebla ( © 2008 ) Written using wish, passion and glimmer from 3WW. Less a poem than … well … a wish.

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Indifference has many reasons

“I am indifférent pour a reason,” my French colleague said and proceeded to go into all his reasons in detail Only the next day I was told by an Italian colleague that you should never ever ask the French colleague … Continue reading

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What to do

“What to do with this blurred illegal match?” he thought amidst the hustle and bustle of his recurrent marketplace dream. He found himself – all at once – angry at having been put here, frustrated at not knowing why, intimidated … Continue reading

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Hermetic relationships

delayed    <=>    dandelion edge    <=>    hedge focus    <=>    crocus 3WW LXXXVII words on the left, their relatives in the abstract/plant universe on the right. – Niebla

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A philosophical elephant

Maybe, if I weren’t an elephant caught in a china shop, I could afford to be cautious, but asking that of me as things are just is not human. – Giancarlo Scardanelli Written using the words cautious, human and maybe … Continue reading

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Poses at Hopi Point

“Stop!” I turned around. There was a girl in her late teens, a redhead with freckles, somewhat chubby, in blue shorts and a bright red t-shirt, who was looking at me. “Were you talking to me?” “I was. There’s nobody … Continue reading

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Dramatic relationship

It’s funny (or not?) that I remember the drama of our relationship above all. Looking back, I must say that I experienced it mostly as theatre on your part – you were always playing one role or another, and I’m … Continue reading

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She walked with a mysterious bounce

Helena walked with a mysterious bounce of her well-padded rear. The only difference between this story and its classic parallel was that there was no Paris around to watch… – Niebla This contemporary short rendering of the attraction that may … Continue reading

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A magnificent edifice

it was to be, reaching sky-high, blazing in whiteness, illuminated by an everlasting orange sun But it turned out to be rest, a small body in white resting on the concrete sidewalk, twice on consecutive days in the orange rising … Continue reading

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