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Spidery webs

But how and where had the spidery webs come in? Continue reading

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Lancelot has heavy remembrance to wipe off his brow

In the morning what had been a future that held such admirable beauty had become a thicket of nerves, and nowhere in him would the women rescue what had been aroused in men’s dream. – Niebla ( © 2008 ) … Continue reading

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What to do

“What to do with this blurred illegal match?” he thought amidst the hustle and bustle of his recurrent marketplace dream. He found himself – all at once – angry at having been put here, frustrated at not knowing why, intimidated … Continue reading

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A desert dream

A gecko on the ceiling in the yellow adobe house at the foot of the dune, a scorpion about to enter my boots on the floor. The tear of a dew drop. A breath from the window opening moves the … Continue reading

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I know I’ve been there, but when and where? Tanks are rolling across a much too narrow old bridge, pieces of concrete are dropping into the river, also round pieces of dried moss. The greyed wooden railing fractures. Somewhere near … Continue reading

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