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A philosophical elephant

Maybe, if I weren’t an elephant caught in a china shop, I could afford to be cautious, but asking that of me as things are just is not human. – Giancarlo Scardanelli Written using the words cautious, human and maybe … Continue reading

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Thank you, unknown visitors, for 999 visits! In celebration of which a dada poem derived from reflected and unreflected sources and eclectic syntactic influences: Tandaraday Death – do not despair* Eden ith nair – Tandaraday – Where we lay In … Continue reading

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Bleak morning

It is a Thursday morning in late June. The weather is cold and bleak, more like autumn and decay than the summit of summer. It is one of those days where it hardly seems worth it to climb out of … Continue reading

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White is white. What’s the news? Snow is far away, so this white must be a dead dream, right? – Niebla (© 2007)

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Barefoot, with child

She used to light up the bakery with her friendliness and spunk, and people were happy to buy her rolls and crescents. Her child was with her parents while she was at work, and she let her car-crazy husband be, … Continue reading

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What would Scardanelli do on a day like this

He’d appreciate the sun for the sun And the cold for the cold, Putting on a cardigan without fuss He’d get into his jalopy (As windy as a flying carpet) And surf the streets Around Tübingen, Creeping up on the … Continue reading

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An escapade

(An imagination) The weather was beautiful. On an impulse from the sun shining in through the window overlooking the river, Scardanelli decided to escape from his tower, as he had in the past, always followed by a little scolding, but … Continue reading

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El pájaro | this bird

El pá- jaro que no se cansa hasta que encienda esta noche This bird, tireless and tiresome, whose song will not cease until the night is set alight – Scardanelli (copyright 2007) Both Spanish and English follow fibonacci rules: 1/1/2/3/5/8 … Continue reading

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Heart vs. brain, or combined

What should come from the heart (and what if the heart happens to have nothing to say?), what from thinking deliberation to ensure fair treatment of others? Says Scardanelli, your dutiful friend

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Relationships – a test or method

Have you ever tried to be completely disjointed? You will find it extremely hard. Write down a word. Then try to think of another one that is completely disjointed from the first. Hard, isn’t it? Says Scardanelli, your friendly neighborhood … Continue reading

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