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A visit to the novelty store

I went into the neighborhood novelty store that had opened a few days ago. “Can I help you?” “I’m looking for some novelties. Nothing specific.” “I’ll be glad to show you some of our novelties. Are you more interested in … Continue reading

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… aisle, aisha … bleat … circuit, connection, communication, convention, convenience, … door, distance … enmity, effigy, evil, Easter … foolishness, foolhardiness, fysh … ghoul, ghastliness … home, heaval, hope … isle, … jail, June … … lemur … madness, … Continue reading

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I know I’ve been there, but when and where? Tanks are rolling across a much too narrow old bridge, pieces of concrete are dropping into the river, also round pieces of dried moss. The greyed wooden railing fractures. Somewhere near … Continue reading

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Who else I might have been

Without any pain, I separated into two. I was in both of them; from one I looked my other I in the eye. We both looked at each other calmly from our blue eyes for a moment but then knew … Continue reading

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Circle Round Globe Eight Double circle Eternal “Hath no beginning, no end” – Niebla ( © during a cycle on a globe in 2008 ) Inspired by One Single Impression’s topic Circle.

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Apartments … time … fate

This apartment is where it began, perhaps … It’s in one of these now … And it might be here in the future … … but there was hardly anything numb in between. Not that we can recall. – Niebla … Continue reading

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A Trip to Ruby City

When we finally arrived in Ruby City, the ruby-red sunset was upon us. One of the citizens, steeped in the ruby-red light of the passing day, showed us the way to the Ruby Hotel, the only one in town. We … Continue reading

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Kindness and rock’n roll

When I visited One Single Impression today and saw the “kindness” prompt, I immediately thought of this Richard Thompson song. It is actually a hard-hitting, rocky number. But kindness doesn’t necessarily have to be meek and mild, does it? Hand … Continue reading

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Passionate blog

The Passionate Blog Manifesto We believe stories are valuable, no matter how many people read them. We believe following your passion is more important that watching your site meter. We believe in the handmade, the first try, the small start, … Continue reading

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A magnificent edifice

it was to be, reaching sky-high, blazing in whiteness, illuminated by an everlasting orange sun But it turned out to be rest, a small body in white resting on the concrete sidewalk, twice on consecutive days in the orange rising … Continue reading

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